EHS Management Systems

EMS (ISO 14001) – IEM helps develop and implement this valuable tool for clients seeking compliance with international standards, local regulations and corporate policy. An EMS states the company’s environmental policy and details its environmental guidelines and programs, often as a preliminary step in pursuing ISO 14001 designation. IEM’s portfolio includes a variety of corporate clients, including Thailand’s largest energy sector firms.

Environmental Awareness Training – as organizations are beginning to realize environmental awareness serves as a basis to achieve further environmental and operational goals, IEM has been active in designing training programs to provide participants with clear understanding of industrial operations and processes that have a potential to impact the environment. The premise of these training programs is to minimize environmental impacts through effective management.

Software and Data Management – IEM offers a number of software solutions to monitoring and managing environmental data, legislation and engineering. IEM also offers customized software packages for clients seeking to integrate these software packages with their existing data management systems.