IEM Approach

      IEM is committed to providing our clients with the most appropriate solutions to their health, safety and environmental management challenges.

IEM's approach is based on the following principles:

  • A thorough understanding of the task.

  • A sound appreciation of client requirements and schedules.

  • A clear definition of the issues.

  • An understanding of local conditions.

  • The need to understand and address stakeholders’ needs.

  • An understanding of regulatory processes and procedures.

  • Extensive knowledge, international experience and capability.

  • Practical and innovative science-based solutions.

  • Effective project management.

  • Efficient and effective use of resources.

  • Close client contact.

  • On time delivery of quality products and services.

Working Together on Project

       As a client of IEM’s our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality, client-tailored consulting services:


  • To undertake project work in accordance with defined scope of work, agreed between the Company and its Clients;

  • To ensure that technical work is performed in accordance with relevant published standards, codes of practice, specifications, recognized professional guidance, statutory documents and other considerations;

  • To complete technical work within agreed time and financial budgets;

  • To foster technical advancement through training, technical discussion and technology transfer;

  • To carry out activities in accordance with established Quality Management Systems; and

  • To review and update technical skills and management practices to continually improve service to Clients.