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Waste Water Treatment & Lake Remediation

EMF Technology
Solar-Powered Advanced Technology
to Increase Dissolved Oxygen in the Water Column

IEM has a very advanced and innovative smart energy technology from Canada that can treat wastewater and remediate lakes, rivers and khlongs.

The EMF 1000 is a self-contained solar-powered cleantech solution that uses proprietary electromagnetic signals to stimulate the water, the effects of which are broadly  distributed across the water body.


The device increases gas exchange rate at the air-water boundary and dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water column. This promotes aerobic, while suppressing anaerobic conditions, resulting in a healthier waterbody for biological processes, aquatic organisms, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

This technology will improve efficiencies, cut costs, and improve productivity. Energy conservation is very advanced. Using only solar energy our wastewater treatment units are mobile and easy to install. There is no upfront capital cost as we will lease this service to your company.

Please call us and tell us about the issues you have and we will find a cost effective solution for you quickly.

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