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EMF Awarded as the PUB Carbon Zero Grand Challenge Competition

London (July 3, 2022); Congratulations on the announcement of the two winners in the PUB Carbon Zero Grand Challenge Competition.

The global water sector contributes approximately 5% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but has not yet received significant attention in climate debates. Although Singapore’s local water sector emissions represent less than 1.5% of the city-state’s total emissions, in today’s climate, every contribution counts.

The Carbon Zero Grand Challenge seeks to focus the attention of innovators, investors, and thought leaders on water sector emissions in order to accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions to address Singapore’s net zero carbon emission goals and scale to water facilities around the globe. ​

PUB is already working to reduce its carbon footprint by replacing carbon-emitting energy sources with solar PV deployed on facility rooftops and at reservoirs, and reducing carbon emissions through energy efficiency, lowering desalination energy and conservation. These efforts are expected to abate approximately 600 kt CO2e/year of emissions by mid-century.

Annual Conference of the Water Environmental Association of Ontario held in London (ON) Canada, the EM Fluids technology has two consecutive years of field data demonstrating its ability to suppress methane emission in anoxic waterbodies. There are 14 commercial deployments in waterbodies in Israel for the aerobic digestion of accumulated organic sludge and suppression of cyanobacteria blooms.

EMF 1000 looks forward to supporting Singapore and other countries around the world in achieving their GHG and Methan emission targets

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