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EMF launched in Thailand 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

(From the left) Miss Watcharaphon Phothikasikorn - Marketing Manager., Mr. Ron Livingston - IEM – President & CEO., Dr. David Fung - Founding Scientist of EMF 1000., H.E. Dr. Sarah Taylor - Ambassador of Canada., Mr. Howard Pleet - Global Business Development., Mr. Ron Vered - EM Fluids Inc. – President., Mr. Majd El-Samrout – Director Business Development.

Bangkok/Thailand (November 2nd, 2022); International Environmental Management Co., Ltd and EM Fluids Inc. successfully hosted a seminar on “Water Management Issues in Thailand & Technological Solutions” organized by Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (“CanCham”) on November 2, 2022 at Residence 304, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. The seminar attracted 60 senior participants from Industry and Government organization.

EMF 1000 is an advanced water remediation technology powered by smart energy. This solar-powered technology for water remediation was recently showcased at Amata Golf Course in Chonburi, Thailand. The EMF 1000 technology demonstrated its effectiveness in remediating a 14 ha. Lake by eliminating odors, managing algae and cyanobacteria blooms, improving water quality and the lakes aesthetic appearance.

EMF 1000 is an advanced technology that can assist Thailand to improve the quality of its lakes and klongs, assist to eliminate odors from sewage lagoons, support in the improvement of effluent quality for Agri-business and improve water quality for Thailand’s prosperous aquaculture sector.

Canada is known for its rich natural resources and clean water. The seminar was discussed:

  • Key water management issues in Thailand and SE Asia facing us today.

  • An advanced water remediation technology powered by smart energy

  • Opportunities for water remediation in Thailand

Speaker: Dr. David Fung, Founding Scientist EMFluids; Board Chair and CEO of ACDEG Group of Companies, a global technology integrator.

About EMF 1000

The EMF 1000 is a self-contained solar-powered clean tech solution that uses proprietary electromagnetic signals to stimulate the water, the effects of which are broadly distributed across the water body. The device increases gas exchange rate at the air-water boundary and dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water column. This promotes aerobic, while suppressing anaerobic conditions, resulting in a healthier waterbody for biological processes, aquatic organisms, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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