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EMF Technology for Cleaning Water in Lakes, Aquaculture, Canals and Effluent Ponds

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Solar-Powered Advanced Technology

to Increase Dissolved Oxygen in the Water Column

The EMF 1000 is a self-contained solar-powered clean tech solution that uses proprietary electromagnetic signals to stimulate the water, the effects of which are broadly distributed across the water body. The device increases gas exchange rate at the air-water boundary and dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water column. This promotes aerobic, while suppressing anaerobic conditions, resulting in a healthier waterbody for biological processes, aquatic organisms, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The EMF Technology Unit

EMF 1000 can increase the oxygen transfer rate over a water surface area of 17 hectares.

  • Improve dissolved oxgen levels

  • Prevent hypoxia and malodours

  • Promote thriving and diverse aquatic life

  • Enhance aesthetics, clarity, recreational appeal

Control Algal Blooms

  • Eliminate need for chemical treatment.

  • Suppress cyanobacteria without algaecides.

  • Convert excessive nutrients to food chains for aquatic organismis.

Success Story

Photo 1 - At Day 1

IEM has conducted a successful trial during February and March 2021 on a polluted lake with a 14ha surface area near Bangkok. The trial demonstrated the effectiveness of EMF 1000 water treatment. Within two weeks of installation visible improvement.

BOD, P and Chlorophyl - a were greatly reduced. Higher water temperatures accelerate the oxidation rate of biological and chemical reactions, the rate of which is directly proportional to an exponential function of temperature.

Photo 2 - After 2 Weeks

The activation of the EMF 1000 in the lake pulls oxygen into the water column without the expenditure of any fossil fueled energy or any significant capital cost of additional infrastructure.

EMF for Lake Remediation - Poster(EN)
Download PDF • 12.93MB

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