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IEM is a leading environmental consulting company solving a wide range of challenges for its private sector clients as well as government and non-government organizations throughout Asia and the Middle East. Our team consists of environmental, social and health professionals. Our head office is located in Bangkok, Thailand.  IEM has offices in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our Services


Environmental Impact and Risk Assessments

IEM will assist your company to conduct environmental, social and health impact and risk assessments of existing or planned new development projects. IEM is licensed by regulatory authorities to conduct EIAs or ESHIAs.

EHS Management Systems

IEM will design and implement EHS management objectives, policies and programs that will guide your company's effective operations. Appropriate monitoring and reporting systems will also be put in place.

Site Assessment and Remediation

In acquiring a site or facility, it is essential that investors protect themselves during the due diligence phase by identifying potential environmental liabilities left undisclosed by the vendor or previous owner. IEM too specializes in wastewater and lake remediation.

Natural Resource Management

IEM has been involved in numerous program planning, development, implementation and evaluation of programs, development of regional methodologies for strategic planning and evaluation, diagnostic studies of natural resources and environmental issues within the entire South-East Asia region...

Emergency Response, Health and Safety 

IEM will help assess and model potential risk scenarios for your company and prepare an emergency response system to prevent and respond to any potential emergency situation. These emergency situations could include floods, disease, oil spills, hazardous waste spills, traffic accidents or fires.

Socio Economic & Public Involvement

IEM will design socio economic and public involvement programs that define baseline conditions and issues of the local community where your business activities are conducted. Proactive solutions will be developed to achieve positive results and support from the stakeholders that may affect your business success.  

Smart Energy 

IEM is committed to identifying the most appropriate clean energy technologies for your industry. As a firm we can also assist in the provision of clean energy feasibility studies, site assessments, community and public awareness, regulator acceptance and monitoring...

Our Partners

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  • EMFluids


EMFluids Corporate Headquarters is in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in Hong Kong, Israel and Thailand.


EQM specializes in air quality monitoring and environmental, social and health management consultant. 


Oxigon IT Solutions

Oxigon is an innovative information technology consulting company specializing in software and web-based solutions for health care, safety and environment.

Environmental Quality Management

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Clear Water Lake

Smart Energy Technology
EMF-1000 for Aquaculture,

Lakes, Canals and Effluent


The EMF Technology Unit is self-contained, solar-powered, and uses advanced technology to create the ideal conditions in water and wastewater. The EMF unit stimulates the water body with an electromagnetic signal, the effect of which distributes broadly across the waterbody. EMF increases the rate of gas transfer across the air-water interface. This leads to increased dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water column. The increased oxygen promotes aerobic conditions and suppresses anaerobic conditions.There are no observable negative effects on aquatic animals. 

Managing our Environment and Natural Resources

is Key to a Sustainable future”

Ron Livingston
President and CEO

International Environmental Management Co.Ltd